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Congrats to our Round 1 2017 League Champs!


Upper Int 2- Sarah Smith & Chris Hess
Coed 2s Int – Kelli & Ozzie Gardner
Upper Int- No Swings Attached (Antoine Benard)
Int 4s- Flyballers & Shotcallers (Albert Fan)
Upper Rec- Big Weiners (Edwin Fuh)


Womens 2s- Shuntay Dorsey & Barbara Silva
Upper Int – Twin Peaks (Traci Davies)
Int #1- Peanut Butter & Crackers (Fran R.)
Int #2- Sorry Not Sorry (Tommy Ruff)
Upper Rec- Here 4 Shirts (Max Yuan)


Mens 2s- Cameron Sitler & Andy Plummer


Comp 2s- Cici Anderson & Sal Bautista
Upper Int 2s- Susan Argue & Brent Meyer
Coed 4s- How I Set Your Mother (Mehmet Nalbantoglu)


Coed 2s- Sarah Smith & Anthony Garcia

Congrats to our Monday League Champions

Coed 3s – Here for Beer (Lisa Browne, Captain)

Coed 4s Upper Intermediate – Team Benneton (Traci Davies, Captain)

Coed 4s Intermediate – Ace in the Face (Aaron Ander, Captain)

Coed 4s Upper Recreational – Spiked Punch (Mandi Molinar, Captain)

Coed 6s Recreational – Kickin Assets (Daniel Alavi, Captain)