10 Lighted White Sand Volleyball Courts. The most in Houston & surrounding areas!

Clubhouse equipped with bar area, ping pong table, flatscreen TVs, tables and chairs.

Satellite TVs.

At our bar you'll find Beer & Wine, Spring Water, Energy Drinks, Gatorade, Soft Drinks, Snacks, Energy Bars, etc.

Complimentary on site use of Koozies for guests.

Complimentary on site use of Volleyballs for players.

Stereo System with outdoor speakers, CD player, and Public Address system.

WI-FI Hot Zone. (entire 2 acre facility)

Clubhouse Players Computer with DSL for guests to check email.

Mens & Womens Restrooms stocked with deodorant, lotion, body sprays, hair gel, & hair spray.

Sunscreen. If you forget yours, feel free to use ours.

Lighted Wooden Thatched Decks surrounding clubhouse and shower areas.

4 Enclosed Outdoor Showers stocked with shampoo, conditioner and shower gel. These showers offer privacy for changing clothes too! 2 of the 4 showers are HEATED!

'Thatched-Roof' Gazebo elevated two feet above ground. Great for live music, eating, dancing or conducting meetings!

900 sf of NEW SHADED DECKS were added in 2010! That is in addition to the other other shaded decks that were already there.

Plenty of Tables, Chairs & Chaise Lounges.

Extra Large 13' Umbrellas at each court for shade.

1 Rain Room. An outdoor 'misting room' to relieve the Houston heat!

Outdoor Charcoal Grill. FREE use for players!
Guests may bring their own food and use our charcoal grill to bbq!

netSHOP located in our clubhouse which offers Wilson Game Balls, Oakley & Native Shades, Sand Socks, Sportswear, Court Boundary Lines, Antennaes, Basic Principles Products & More!!!